I'm so excited to get to know you and you family and capture your most precious moments for you and generations to come. But first it's important to understand how I work! 

I have a family that will always come first. That being said, I will put forth my greatest effort to make your session amazing and return your images to you beautifully mastered in the digital darkroom. 


You are hiring me because of what you have seen me produce in the past and you have chosen me because of my artistic style and vision. While I love to stretch myself and my creativity, please do not come with your own vision of what you want me to produce if it differs from mine. An artist can only produce what she "sees" as it reflects from her eye into the final product. Please do not ask me to produce a matching product to another photographer. It cannot be done and you will be disappointed. 


Request for certain locations can be made but I must approve them and while I will work with your schedule, it will be up to me to choose the right time of day to shoot for the particular location. This is not selfishness on my part, it allows me to produce the best possible images that I can. 


If you fail to download you image in the time allowed, a $30 fee will be charged to access your images again if I still have them. Because I distribute your images digitally, I am not required by law to save them. Although in most cases I do keep the edited images for some time. 

You are granted printing rights to your images. NOT A COPYRIGHT. This means you do not have the right to edit your images. You may order Black and white images thru your gallery once your color images are received. This protects the integrity of my work. DO NOT re-edit, apply your social media filters etc to images I have produced. Doing so will forfeit my ability to be your photographer in the future. I also require a photo credit with each image that is posted on social media. This is required for two reasons, to protect my work from being stolen by other photogs (which has happened many times) and it also protects our working relationship. It will allows me to continue to distribute digital images to you.  

I do not ever distribute nor do I ever allow unedited images to be viewed or sent to you.  There are no exceptions to this policy. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

I edit images in the order they were taken. You may pay for rush editing at the rate of $100 per session. Sessions with a rush will be returned one week post shoot date. All other sessions will be within 3 weeks of  shoot date. Once a session is scheduled that satisfies both parties schedules, if I have to reschedule your session due to weather or a conflict on my end, your images will be edited as quickly as possible from the new shoot date. This is the ONLY exception made to faster image processing.  I cannot put your images ahead of others during my regular working hours. If you pay for a rush on your session, I will prepare your images outside of my regularly scheduled working hours. 


Special needs may be discussed with me BEFORE your session via email.  These may include, wheelchairs in the session, special needs of specific children etc. 

Finally I love to consult on clothing choices. It is much easier and less stressful than you think. I have had years experience shooting and I know what will make images look the best in the final product. Even though this takes up a lot of time, it is something that I am happy to do so that you are happy with your images in the end! 

I treat all my clients the same. I consider each of you just as important as any other client.  If you feel you are generally the exception to policies and rules, It is best to hire another photographer. If you feel like you can honor my policies and respect my time and my artistic vision...let's do this and have an amazing session where we can capture you and yours!

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